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Integration & Project Management

Our design, project management and production teams work closely together at every step of the project to ensure its successful on-time completion.  Our efficient team have developed work processes and procedures for the complete project cycle, ensuring that the system is built according to the client’s expectations, as ordered, fully tested, approved and documented.  All of this is done according to our rigorous planning and project management procedures:

  • Contract revue
  • Appointment of a Project Lead
  • Supply of Approval Drawings
  • Supply of a Bill of Materials
  • Release for purchase of components
  • Receipt, inspection and allocation of components
  • Mechanical and Electrical assembly
  • Testing and validation
  • Customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Electrical approval (as required)
  • Finalization of as-built drawings
  • Finalization of Operation & Maintenance Manuals