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We are pleased to present our international partners, renowned within the industry as leading manufacturers of gas and liquid analytical instrumentation.

Teledyne Monitor Labs

Opacity Analyzers

Particulate Analyzers

Gas Analyzers for CEMS

Stack Flow Measurement for CEMS

CEMS Turn-key Systems

CEMS Data Acquisition System

- Only available in Eastern Canada

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FTIR analyzers for CEMS, Process, and Industrial Hygiene

In-Situ, Portable, and Extractive formats

- Only available in Eastern Canada

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ICON Scientific

Physical property analyzers for the Petroleum Industry;

Midstream; Vapour Pressure and Colour/Opacity for crude, condensate, LPG, NGL, etc.

Downstream: Vapour Pressure, Flash Point, Cloud Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, Colour/Opacity

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Thermo Scientific

Total Sulfur Analyzers**

Mass Spectrometers (Process and Ambient)

** Only available in Eastern Canada

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Swan Analytical Instruments

Swan is a leading manufacturer of high-quality online analytical instruments for water analysis in applications such as high purity water, steam condensate, cooling water, potable water and effluent.

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Process ultrasonic analyzers for in-line measurement of product concentration and density of liquids

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