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We are pleased to present our international partners, renowned within the industry as leading manufacturers of gas and liquid analytical instrumentation.


Analytical Solutions for Process, Environment, and Safety

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AMETEK Process Instruments is a worldwide manufacturer of process analyzers and instrumentation.

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Continuous Gas Analyzers (CGA)


For process and environmental monitoring

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Neo Monitors

TDL (Tuneable Diode Laser) gas and dust/particulate analyzers

For process, environmental and ambient monitoring


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Scott Safety / Detcon / Simtronics / Oldham

Toxic and combustible gas detectors


Flame detectors

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Teledyne Monitor Labs

Opacity Analyzers

Particulate Analyzers

Gas Analyzers for CEMS

Stack Flow Measurement for CEMS

CEMS Turn-key Systems

CEMS Data Acquisition System

- Only available in Eastern Canada

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