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Continuous emission monitoring systems are used as a means to ensure that stack emissions are in compliance with applicable air emission standards and regulations. 


Novatech designs, manufactures and commissions complete CEM systems offering enhanced reliability and uptime, even for the most

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Sample Draw Gas Detection Systems

In order to safely detect certain gases which may be lighter or heavier than air, it is always advisable to locate the sensor where the target gas may accumulate. This however, can lead to difficulty in accessing the sensor for routine maintenance & service.

For these situations, Novatech

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Ultramat 23 (Multi-IR, O2)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT 23 is a cost-effective multicomponent analyzer for the measurement of up to 3 infrared sensitive gases using the NDIR principle, plus O2 using an electrochemical or paramagnetic Oxygen measuring cell.


The ULTRAMAT 23 is suitable for a wide range of standard applications,

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Ultramat / Oxymat 6 (IR + O2)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT/OXYMAT 6 "Combi-Analyzer" combines the features of the ULTRAMAT 6 and OXYMAT 6 in one analyzer in a 19" rack design.

Most frequently used for demanding applications, the ULTRAMAT 6 must meet high standards with regard to reliability and measuring quality. This is guaranteed by

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Fidamat 6 (Total Hydrocarbons)

Gas analyzers with an FID (flame ionization detector) are well suited for the continuous measurement of total hydrocarbons. To a first approximation, the display is proportional to the number of C atoms in the respective molecule.


The Siemens FIDAMAT 6 analyzers cover a wide range of

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Siemens extends its continuous process gas analytics portfolio with the new SIPROCESS UV600 analyzer providing solutions for an even wider range of applications. The SIPROCESS UV600 is an extractive UV gas analyzer that can simultaneously measure up to three components.  It is specialized for

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