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- Only available in Eastern Canada

LightHawk Model 560 Opacity

Teledyne Monitor Labs LightHawk® 560 Opacity/Dust Monitor offers advanced technology for outstanding performance and reliability as an opacity, optical density or dust concentration monitor.


The optical head and retro-reflector assemblies are housed in rugged aluminum investment castings. The

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LaserHawk Model 360 Particulate

The LaserHawk® 360 was designed to comply with the performance specification for continuous particulate monitors. A complete system includes an optical head, purge system, enhanced remote panel fulfilling all QA/QC requirements.  The optical head is built of heavy gauge aluminum parts and finished

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UltraFlow 150 (Flow & Temperature)


The Ultraflow 150 is a patented advance in continuous flow measurement systems for small and large stacks and ducts. Transducers are non-intrusively mounted in Teflon housing and are protected from flue gas and particulate with continuous purge air. This

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SM 8200 In-Situ Analyzer (SO2 & NO)

Teledyne Monitor Labs SM®8200 offers advanced technology for outstanding performance and reliability as an CEM or process gas analysis monitor.  The SM8200 provides a unique innovative approach to monitoring SO2 and NO in utility and industrial process emission monitoring applications. This unique

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ML660 Extractive CEMS

The Teledyne ML®660 conventional extractive system is designed to extract and condition hot, wet stack gas for a dry basis measurement of any combination of SO2, NOx, CO, CO2, and O2. This system can be configured specifically for Canadian emission requirements such as EPS 1/PG/7 , and process

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ML675 Dilution CEMS

The Teledyne Monitor Labs ML®675 dilution-extractive system can be used in Environment Canada EPS 1/PG/7 compliance applications, and process control applications. In this system, sample is prepared for analysis by diluting stack gas with clean, dry instrument air at the probe location. Since no

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