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Novatech partners with ICON SCIENTIFIC.

Monday October 28, 2013


Novatech is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as the exclusive Canadian distributor of ICON Scientific’s line of physical property analyzers.  ICON’s full range of analyzers feature the newest technologies and innovative designs to help minimize maintenance and the need for costly ancillary equipment like sample chillers and recovery systems.


Kevin Fogarty, Managing Director of ICON states “We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to start with a clean-sheet design.  It allowed us to incorporate the suggestions and feedback we received from many of the major oil companies’ analyser groups.”


Features such as a 17” glass touch-screen HMI panel, and an internal HD video camera (patent pending) allow operators and technicians to closely monitor the function and status of the Flash Point analyzer in a way that was never possible before.  The design of the Vapour Pressure analyzer (patent pending) allows it to perform all of the current piston-expansion test methods currently in use, and those that may yet be developed.


The current portfolio consists of;  Vapour Pressure, Flash Point, Cloud Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point (and No Flow Point), Viscosity (and Viscosity Index), Colour/Opacity,


For more information on ICON Scientific’s range of advanced physical property analyzers, please visit our web site at:  http://www.novatech.ca/23-manufacturer-icon-scientific.html


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