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ICON Scientific

Physical property analyzers for the Petroleum Industry;

Midstream; Vapour Pressure and Colour/Opacity for crude, condensate, LPG, NGL, etc.

Downstream: Vapour Pressure, Flash Point, Cloud Point, Freeze Point, Pour Point, Viscosity, Colour/Opacity


icon scientific's Distillation analyser measures boiling points or boiling ranges of petroleum products in the light to middle distillate ranges.  The results meet the repeatability and reproducibility criteria of test method ASTM D86, and can be directly correlated to the test method criteria of

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Vapour Pressure

An essential measurement of fuel volatility for gasoline, crude, condensate, LNG and LPG production.  VapourPressure measures the pressure exerted by vapour held in equilibrium above a liquid, at a user-specified temperature and vapour-liquid ratio.

  • Precision laser performance; icon scientific’s
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Cloud Point

Determines the lowest temperature at which a fuel may be used without wax formation

  • CloudPoint combines icon scientific’s innovative cloud point analytical engine into a next-generation analyser designed to deliver maximum performance.
  • CloudPoint’s enhanced performance is realised through
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Flash Point

Measures the lowest temperature at which selected fuels form a flammable vapour mixture with air.

  • FlashPoint enables you to determine safe temperatures for the storage and transportation of petroleum products.
  • Flashpoint runs your product to spec with industry-leading efficiency and accuracy.
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Colour Opacity

Dual-measurement analysis of the purity, clarity, contamination (such as asphaltenes) or concentration of liquid fuel.

  • Ideal for production of fuel products that specify colour, as well as measuring dye colour and product contamination in pipeline applications.
  • icon scientific’s advanced
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Freeze Point

Determines the lowest ambient temperature at which aviation jet fuel can be safely used

  • FreezePoint delivers reliable measurements for freeze points as low as -90°C
  • FreezePoint delivers optimum fuel quality to the aerospace industry
  • Results compatible with ASTM D2387, D5972, and D7153
  • icon
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