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Moisture Analyzers


On-line process analyzers for the accurate determination of the trace moisture content of gases. Analysis ranges and accuracy vary by model from as high as 2500ppm by volume down to less than 1ppb by volume.


303B Moisture Analyzer

The 303B offers highly accurate portable measurement of trace moisture in gas streams for division 2 areas. Using an electrolytic (P2O5) sensor, the 303B can be used to monitor nearly all gases. It is compact, lightweight, and suitable for both portable use and permanent installation in Class I Div. 2 areas. With the optional carrying bag and lightweight design, the 303B is truly portable.


3050 Moisture Analyzer Series

The 3050 Moisture Analyzer series measures trace levels of moisture in a gas through the use of a quartz-crystal oscillator sample cell. AMETEK is the leader in quartz-crystal technology, which for thirty years has offered significant advantages over other measurement techniques:

  • Most accurate trace moisture measurement technology available
  • Responds far faster to both increasing and decreasing moisture levels
  • Specific to moisture in most applications
  • Provides a much more rugged sensor

Because of these advantages, the quartz-crystal oscillator has become the industry standard for applications ranging from ultrahigh purity semiconductor gases to natural gas streams containing 30% H2S. Now, the 3050 analyzers bring the benefits of quartz-crystal technology to a broad spectrum of moisture applications.


5000 Process Moisture Analyzer

The versatile AMETEK 5000 is a highly sensitive moisture analyzer for process applications where the continuous, reliable measurement of moisture in vapors and gases is required. The 5000 analyzer measures moisture on-line by monitoring the vibrational frequency change of a hygroscopically sensitized quartz crystal that is exposed alternately to wet sample and dry reference gas for 30 second periods. The reference gas is sample gas passed through a molecular sieve dryer to remove virtually all its moisture content.


5830 Moisture Analyzer

Building upon the success of our quartz-crystal moisture measurement technology, the 5830 is an easy-to-use process moisture analyzer that offers a truly remarkable combination of performance features: exceptional accuracy, multi-gas compatibility, fast response speed, and wide measurement range.

The 5830 is ideal for critical moisture measurement applications including high purity gas production, semiconductor gases, and industrial gas production and quality assurance. Equipped with an on-line verification system, this state-of-the-art analyzer is designed to rapidly build and maintain operator confidence in its analyses. The verification system allows you to challenge the analyzer's sensor at will with either a zero gas or an actual NIST-traceable moisture concentration to check both its baseline stability and responsiveness to real moisture. No other manufacturer offers these exclusive abilities in their moisture analyzers.



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