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NIR-O Spectrometer

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GUIDED WAVE’S NIR-O process analyzer offers remote multichannel extended range near-infrared (xNIR 1000-2100 nm) spectroscopic analysis. The NIR-O model provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio, wavelength stability, NIST traceable wavelength calibration, dual beam optics and built-in diagnostics. Process engineers, operators, and researchers will appreciate NIR-O’s ability to monitor up to 12 process streams or points within a stream with accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.


  • Complete analyzer system; spectrometer, one or more NIR probes, fiber-optic cables and OmniView software
  • Real-time measurements; fiber-optic cables to probes installed directly in the process
  • True multiplexing; up to 12 channels measuring multiple independent parameters
  • Research-grade signal-to-noise ratio; dual-beam design with high output scanning grating
  • Designed for online processes; rugged Guided Wave probes, fiber, and cooled detector technology make NIR-O rugged and robust for process installations.


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Liquid analysis - process, Liquid Analysis


Other, Biotech & Pharma, Pulp & Paper, Metallurgy (Steel & Aluminum), Chemical, Refining and Petrochem


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