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Sample Draw Gas Detection Systems



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In order to safely detect certain gases which may be lighter or heavier than air, it is always advisable to locate the sensor where the target gas may accumulate. This however, can lead to difficulty in accessing the sensor for routine maintenance & service.

For these situations, Novatech designs and manufactures Sample Draw Systems which allow installation of the gas detector & sensor in a conveniently accessible location, while drawing a sample from the desired monitoring location. 

Novatech Sample Draw Systems typically include:

  • Panel or enclosure mount
  • Sample pump or eductor
  • Sample gas regulation
  • Sample/Calibration selection
  • General purpose or hazardous environment design

Available options:

  • Flow alarm
  • Power and signal distribution
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Filtration
  • Multiple sensors and/or sample points


All Novatech Systems:

  • Come with a customer Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at our facility to ensure that the delivered system meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Are CSA or equivalent approved
  • Come with full documentation
  • Are supported with on-site installation assistance, start-up and commissioning, training and preventive maintenance contracts



Combustible Gas, Toxic Gases, Gas & Flame Detection


Other, Aeronautics, Incinerator, Water Treatment, Biogas and Landfill, Cement, Power, Industrial Gas, Food & Beverage, Municipal, Biotech & Pharma, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Metallurgy (Steel & Aluminum), Chemical, Refining and Petrochem