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Thermox Combustion Analyzers

THERMOX analyzers are among the most established combustion monitoring and control devices available today. A broad range of products are available for analyzing oxygen, combustibles, and hydrocarbon in flue gases for combustion control, safety, and NOx reduction strategies.

WDG-V Combustion

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Continuous emission monitoring systems are used as a means to ensure that stack emissions are in compliance with applicable air emission standards and regulations. 


Novatech designs, manufactures and commissions complete CEM systems offering enhanced reliability and uptime, even for the most

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Analyzer Shelters

The successful outdoor installation and operation of process or environmental analyzers requires that they be protected from environmental hazards coming from the process itself as well as rain, snow and temperature extremes.  One must also consider the working conditions for maintenance technicians

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Purge & Validation Systems for NEO TDL Analysers

The benefits of NEO’s advanced TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) technology will be maximized with proper application assessment, proper installation and proper auxiliary equipment.

Novatech has developed an enviable expertise with NEO TDL analysers over the years and offers a

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Oxymat 6 (O2)

The Siemens OXYMAT 6 measures oxygen using the paramagnetic alternating pressure method. This guarantees perfect linearity and allows measuring ranges from 0 to 0.5 % (detection limit 50 ppm) up to 0 to 100% in a single device, and even 99.5 to 100%.  The sensor in the detector never comes into

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Oxymat 61 (O2)

The Siemens OXYMAT 61 is an oxygen analyzer for standard applications. The OXYMAT 61 requires ambient air as its reference gas. This is supplied by a pump that is integrated into the analyzer housing. Alternatively compressed bottled reference gas can be used.


The OXYMAT 61 measures oxygen using

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