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Biogas and Landfill

Analyzer Shelters

The successful outdoor installation and operation of process or environmental analyzers requires that they be protected from environmental hazards coming from the process itself as well as rain, snow and temperature extremes.  One must also consider the working conditions for maintenance technicians

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BGAS Biogas Analysis System

Biogas is seen as a renewable source of energy for the future.  Biogas is primarily found at landfill sites, and as a by-product of anaerobic digesters used for the reduction of organic household waste and waste water treatment plants.  Depending on the source, biogas may contain from 30 to 65%

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Sample Draw Gas Detection Systems

In order to safely detect certain gases which may be lighter or heavier than air, it is always advisable to locate the sensor where the target gas may accumulate. This however, can lead to difficulty in accessing the sensor for routine maintenance & service.

For these situations, Novatech

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Ultramat 23 (Multi-IR, O2)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT 23 is a cost-effective multicomponent analyzer for the measurement of up to 3 infrared sensitive gases using the NDIR principle, plus O2 using an electrochemical or paramagnetic Oxygen measuring cell.


The ULTRAMAT 23 is suitable for a wide range of standard applications,

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Maxum Series (GC)

The Siemens MAXUM edition IIis a universal process gas chromatograph with a wide variety of analytical possibilities. The MAXUM edition II combines various functional modules with a flexible oven concept and can therefore also optimally solve complex applications.


The MAXUM edition II is used in

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MicroSAM (GC)

The Siemens MicroSAM is a miniaturized process gas chromatograph (GC) in a flameproof enclosure. Through consistent use of microsystem technology (silicon wafer technology), all analytical components are concentrated in the smallest possible area. The design particularly enables a distributed

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