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Sample Draw Gas Detection Systems

In order to safely detect certain gases which may be lighter or heavier than air, it is always advisable to locate the sensor where the target gas may accumulate. This however, can lead to difficulty in accessing the sensor for routine maintenance & service.

For these situations, Novatech

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Meridian Universal Gas Detector (Toxic and Combustibles)

The Meridian Universal Gas Detector from Scott Safety offers an innovative next generation gas detection solution. It‘s unique detector head is designed to accept all sensor types, whether electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared or metal oxide semiconductor. Additionally, Meridian can support up

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Freedom 5000 (Toxic)

The Freedom 5000 Series transmitters offer full-featured 4-20mA, loop powered transmitters designed to reliably detect toxic gases including O2. Its universal electronics and flexible, user-friendly features drive down gas detection costs for almost any facility.



  • Freedom from
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7200+ and 7400+ controllers

The Scott 7200 PLUS and 7400 PLUS Controllers are designed to provide simultaneous display and alarm functions for up to four monitored variables. A graphic LCD displays monitored data as bar graphs and engineering units. Three adjustable alarm levels are provided per channel. Relay outputs allow

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7800 Controller

The 7800 Controller centralizes the display and alarm processing functions in critical multi-point gas and flame detection applications. Its modular design integrates easily with up to 32 gas or flame detectors and is available in a fiberglass or stainless steel NEMA-4X enclosure, a cast aluminum

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FV 40 FlameVision

The newly updated Scott Safety FV-40 Series Flame Detectors offer a smart, flexible solution for any facility where the presence of flames poses a hazard. Facility personnel can choose between Single IR, Triple IR (IR3), Multi IR, UV, UV/IR2.5µm, UV/IR4.5µm and Ultra-Fast UV/IR detectors.


The FV

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