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Oxymat 6 (O2)

The Siemens OXYMAT 6 measures oxygen using the paramagnetic alternating pressure method. This guarantees perfect linearity and allows measuring ranges from 0 to 0.5 % (detection limit 50 ppm) up to 0 to 100% in a single device, and even 99.5 to 100%.  The sensor in the detector never comes into

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Oxymat 61 (O2)

The Siemens OXYMAT 61 is an oxygen analyzer for standard applications. The OXYMAT 61 requires ambient air as its reference gas. This is supplied by a pump that is integrated into the analyzer housing. Alternatively compressed bottled reference gas can be used.


The OXYMAT 61 measures oxygen using

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Oxymat 64 (O2)

The Siemens OXYMAT 64 can control the measurement of oxygen concentration in the smallest ranges, even down to 0…10 ppm. This is of special interest in air separation for the production of technical gases production, and with welding of high-alloy steel, titanium and other applications under

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Ultramat 6 (IR)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT 6 is an analyzer in 19” rack mount or field housing. Measurement of up to four infrared active components in a single unit is possible. It can be used in all applications from emission measurement to process control, even in the presence of highly corrosive gases.



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Ultramat 23 (Multi-IR, O2)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT 23 is a cost-effective multicomponent analyzer for the measurement of up to 3 infrared sensitive gases using the NDIR principle, plus O2 using an electrochemical or paramagnetic Oxygen measuring cell.


The ULTRAMAT 23 is suitable for a wide range of standard applications,

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Ultramat / Oxymat 6 (IR + O2)

The Siemens ULTRAMAT/OXYMAT 6 "Combi-Analyzer" combines the features of the ULTRAMAT 6 and OXYMAT 6 in one analyzer in a 19" rack design.

Most frequently used for demanding applications, the ULTRAMAT 6 must meet high standards with regard to reliability and measuring quality. This is guaranteed by

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